Programme Structure

Through our Singapore Vietnam International School @ Nha Trang, our Group introduced and provides the Premium Vietnamese Education Programme from Year 1 to Year 12 to cater to the growing Vietnamese middle class demand for quality education. To facilitate a conducive standard of teaching and learning, our class sizes are kept to a maximum of 30 students per class. The curriculum for students under our Premium Vietnamese Education Programme includes various subjects such as Vietnamese, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Information and Communication Technology, The Arts, Physical Education, Music, History, Geography, Ethics and Military Education, which are taught by qualified Vietnamese teachers. Students also study the Cambridge English programme taught by foreign teachers. This prepares students to sit for a number of international examinations, while offering Vietnamese students an academic foundation in the national Vietnamese curriculum as well as English proficiency.

Upon completion of Year 5, students will receive a Primary School Completion Certificate issued by us. Upon completion of Year 9, students will receive a Junior High School Completion Certificate issued by the District OoET. At the end of Year 12, students will sit the Vietnamese national examinations and will receive a Senior High School Certificate issued by the MOET.