Welcome to Singapore Vietnam International School (SVIS) @ Nha Trang

Singapore Vietnam International School @ Nha Trang, located at Vinh Diem Trung residential area, 2km from Nha Trang city center, is a purpose-built international school with variety of modern facilities to best serve the learning and activities of students.

We provide a well-rounded education for a focus on preserving and nurturing Eastern Values while providing a comprehensive English language education that enables our students to participate successfully in a global society.

Why choose us?

Singapore Vietnam International Schools are under the management of KinderWorld International Group (Singapore). Singapore is at the forefront of the global quality education standard, at SVIS we strive to train our students for excellence through a strong and well-rounded instructional programme, supervised and evaluated by educational specialists from KinderWorld International Group (Singapore).

  • Strong Academic Curriculum

    • High levels of English proficiency achieved
    • Development of essential soft skills for students using modern, student-centered curriculum and instructional methods.
    • ICT skills and e-learning programme in teaching
    • In addition to the programme regulated by the Ministry of Education and Training, students also study advanced English from Cambridge, helping them being confident in communication and using English fluently after completed the programme.

    For more information, please visit Study Pathways

  • Highly Qualified Teachers

    • Well qualified and experienced
    • Dedicated to student achievement
    • Bringing global understanding into every classroom
    • Delivering best practice methodologies
    • Engaged in ongoing professional development

    For more information, please visit Academic Staff

  • Modern Facilities

    • Purpose-built school facilities
    • Specialized rooms for optimized learning
    • State-of-the-Art-Technology throughout the school

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News and Events

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