School life

  • School Calendar

    School Calendar

    We schedule our academic calendar for optimal learning outcomes, providing students with enough rest and relaxation to keep their growing minds alert, without breaking for too long, to ensure continuity of learning for the academic year.

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  • Extra-Curricular


    The Personality Development programme through extra-curricular activities to help our students build character, moral spirit and develop the virtue of each individual.

    Train the skills needed to participate in a global society such as teamwork, presentation, problem solving, self-confidence, independence, and creativity

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  • News & Events

    News & Events

    Several major school events are held every school year at Singapore Vietnam International School. These events provide SVIS students with an opportunity to compete, celebrate, present and develop.

    They provide the school community with an opportunity for involvement and support. Singapore Vietnam International School sees these major events as an opportunity to showcase our students and school.

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