Programme Structure

Premium Vietnamese Education Programme for students from primary to secondary school includes:

  • Curriculums under the programme of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam
    Including Math, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Civics, Technology, Physical Education, Computer Science.
  • Virtues Programme
    Students will study about humanity such as honesty, persistence, compassion, sharing, spirit of striving, helping and mutual assistance when in difficult.
  • The Cambridge English programme is taught by native speakers
    Helping them to improve their English skills as a solid foundation for higher education.

Assure students with:

  • Master all knowledge in the programme of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training
  • English Proficiency through Cambridge English lessons with native speakers
  • Be educated in a modern environment with good facilities
  • A team of experienced Vietnamese and foreign teachers
  • Be trained with the necessary soft skills in the globalization era such as teamwork, presentation, problem solving, self-confidence, independence and creativity, etc.