SVIS @ Nha Trang Summer Program Welcomes Young Learners!

A Strong Foundation for the Future Learning Journey

Summer is approaching, and many parents are looking for opportunities for their children to learn and solidify their knowledge and skills beyond just playtime. Recognizing this need, Singapore Vietnam International School (SVIS) in Nha Trang is proud to present its Summer Program 2024, designed specifically for children aged 6 (preparing to enter Grade 1).

A Rich and Engaging Learning Experience

The Summer Program is built with the goal of providing children with a learning environment that is both effective and enjoyable. Children will participate in a variety of educational activities, including:

  • Language: Develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in both English and Vietnamese.
  • Arts: Spark creativity and self-expression through subjects like Visual Arts, Music, and Physical Education.
  • Technology: Get introduced to technological tools and basic applications for learning.

Preparing for the Next Step

In addition to strengthening foundational knowledge, the Summer Program also focuses on familiarizing children with the primary school environment. Children will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience the modern, international-standard facilities of SVIS @ Nha Trang.
  • Become acquainted with the teaching methods of our experienced and passionate faculty, comprising both Vietnamese and foreign teachers.
  • Participate in interactive activities that help to enhance communication and teamwork skills.

Attractive Promotion for Early Registrations

SVIS @ Nha Trang is offering exciting benefits:

  • Get a 10% discount on the Summer Program 2024 Fee (*)
  • Get a 3% discount on the Tuition Fee for School Year 24-25 (*)

*Terms and Conditions Apply

 Limited spots are available; register your child today!

Contact information:

Hotline: (0258) 730 1777

Register here: